Patent Defence Successful

On 13 July 2006, we received the news that the latest challenge to our patents has been defeated and we have gained from the exercise in that the Patents Office has allowed changes to the wording of the claims, with new wording* which we believe clarifies and strengthens the patents.

These challenges have rolled on for years, always from Vialle and Boral, but this should be an end as it should be abundantly clear to anyone that they are most unlikely to ever win. Their reluctance to negotiate a proper royalty to use the patents has seemed astounding, but we guess they have not wanted to do anything to encourage us.

During the later part of 2006 and early 2007 there have been more constructive negotiations with Boral with respect to licensing LPG-Liquid-Inject's technology for possible inclusion in a new vehicle engineering development program. To date, despite the best efforts of all, there is still some distance to go.

*The new wording makes more explicit an inventive step which was most fully identified in a diagram lodged as part of the original application.